Definition of sexpot in English:



  • A sexy person.

    • ‘Now that the era when ‘camp’ and ‘gay culture’ were synonymous has passed, the legendary sexpot has passed into the public domain.’
    • ‘It turns out the intellectual sexpot with the streak of wild grey hair was a bit of a closet case.’
    • ‘In this Pythonesque vision, Lady Macbeth is a vampish sexpot, while her husband is a dim-witted cuckold, less blighted by fatal flaws than fatal dorkiness.’
    • ‘It goes without mentioning that for people who are attracted to voluptuous female sexpots, hands down, it's her body and the way she gyrates, wiggles and shakes her newly-acquired parts that keep eyes glued to her.’
    • ‘The era's biggest female star was the perky sexpot Doris Day, who reigned as America's sweetheart until she was jilted in brutal fashion when the baby boomers came of age.’
    • ‘Wayne, an elementary school principal, is soon to be married to Jessica, a rich sexpot who flirts with every man in the vicinity.’
    • ‘Lillian Andrews, a scheming sexpot, seduces her married boss, causing divorce and general mayhem in the lives of those around her.’
    • ‘So, to recap: that's two Canadians, two Scots, and two filthy fruity sexpots.’
    • ‘Just as she did in Port Elizabeth a few days ago, the self-proclaimed sexpot played hard at her game while obviously putting a sexual connotation to all the questions put to her.’
    • ‘Hugh the sexpot had only experienced her teasing.’
    • ‘A brassy divorcee with two grown-up children, she became a national sexpot as she careered from affair to affair and from crisis to crisis.’
    • ‘The man who can no longer make a living, who might depend on his wife's earnings, can watch Hollywood sexpots on pirated videos and begin to think the world has been turned upside down.’
    • ‘Or he'll claim this week's back-page beauty is among the under-age sexpots.’
    • ‘The latter, after single-handedly blowing away Montrealers on this year's rather sour Electroclash tour, will no doubt prove yet again that she's more than just a sassy-talking sexpot - she's truly a vocal force to be reckoned with.’
    • ‘She's a once-sexy woman who still must see herself as a sexpot - and when Lady Carbury finally attracts a suitor of her own, Campbell literally steals every scene she's in.’
    • ‘Where Carmen is a sexpot with fire in her veins, Turnadot is a cardboard cut-out princess from ancient China whose passion is ‘girdled with ice’.’
    • ‘All of a sudden I got sidetracked into being a sexpot.’
    • ‘She plays Lisa, the ward's wildcard - the sexpot whose special brand of mental freedom seems to make her better than everyone else.’
    • ‘Even as someone who makes a living by being comfortable with sexuality, I admit, it's not always easy projecting your inner sexpot.’
    • ‘One us is a sexpot; every guy that walks in to deliver a package or fix the phone gets undressed with her eyes and lusted after.’