Definition of shabu-shabu in English:



  • A Japanese dish of pieces of thinly sliced beef or pork cooked quickly with vegetables in boiling water and then dipped in sauce.

    ‘Shaken by the first case of mad cow disease in Japan, consumers have been shunning traditional beef dishes such as shabu-shabu.’
    • ‘A popular example of nabemono is shabu-shabu, a Japanese adaptation of the Mongolian hotpot.’
    • ‘You can also get nourishing crocks of rice and salmon, and several respectable varieties of shabu-shabu (we liked the chicken meatballs), all of them cooked at the table, with glass noodles and vegetables, in a steamy silver pot.’
    • ‘When the foie gras shabu-shabu appeared, my wife perked up a little, but when I told her the rest of the meal would consist of sushi only, she looked at me with her mouth agape.’
    • ‘I wish I could say that I sat down with Yoshimoto and discussed love, loss and human frailty over shabu-shabu and sashimi, but in truth, this interview was conducted via e-mail with the help of a Japanese translator.’



/ˌSHäbo͞oˈSHäbo͞o/ /ˌʃɑbuˈʃɑbu/