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nounplural noun shad, plural noun shads

  • A herring-like fish that spends much of its life in the sea, typically entering rivers to spawn. It is an important food fish in many regions.

    Genera Alosa and Caspialosa, family Clupeidae: several species. See
    twaite shad

    ‘Eel, catfish, carp, shad, herring, sturgeon and striped bass have all been fished commercially in the Hudson, and all have been found contaminated with PCBs at unsafe levels.’
    • ‘A simple example of such behavior was the exchange of pickled fish (herring, shad, mackerel) for the salt cod preferred by slaves in most colonies.’
    • ‘As a member of the herring family, shad, along with salmon and striped bass, are anadromous, meaning they live in the ocean but swim inland and spawn in fresh water.’
    • ‘Since shad and herring do not make nests and there was no clear, deep channel to concentrate them, fish tended to move around even more frantically.’
    • ‘Trouble began in the spring of 1816 when Judge Cooper built a weir, a fish trap, across the St. Jones River to catch migrating shad and herring.’



/SHad/ /ʃæd/


Old English sceadd, of unknown origin.