Definition of shaft-driven in English:



See shaft drive

  • ‘The continuous rotation of the turbine activates a shaft-driven piston pump which sucks up water from the check dam to an overhead tank.’
  • ‘Our solution, the shaft-driven lift-fan propulsion system, greatly amplifies lifting power without straining the engine or compromising up-and-away flight performance.’
  • ‘A shaft-driven lift fan, in combination with a vectoring rear exhaust nozzle, gives this fighter the ability to take off in short distances, accelerate to supersonic speeds in level flight, and land vertically.’
  • ‘But this was the make-or-break test for Lockheed's entire JSF effort - the moment that would determine whether the shaft-driven lift fan could produce enough thrust to lift the Marine plane.’
  • ‘I soon found myself at a local motorcycle shop drooling over a jet black, shaft-driven Honda CX650 custom cruiser.’