Definition of shake up in English:

shake up

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phrasal verb

  • 1shake something up, shake up somethingMix ingredients by shaking.

    • ‘use soap flakes shaken up in the water to make bubbles’
  • 2shake something up, shake up somethingMake radical changes to the organization or structure of an institution or system.

    ‘he presented plans to shake up the legal profession’
    • ‘There is no shortage of proposals and initiatives to shake the system up.’
    • ‘Does that mean that he has plans to shake things up on the Max Bell stage?’
    • ‘I didn't expect it, though I probably should've, but Logan was formulating some plans for how to shake things up with my social life as well.’
    • ‘Being the on-the-edge kind of person he is, Terry cannot help but shake things up in Sammy's very ordered and well structured household.’
    • ‘Finally, it must be commented upon: kudos go to organizers for having the guts and ingenuity to shake things up a bit.’
    • ‘Perhaps the company will shake things up a bit when it does a consumer launch, planned for the fourth quarter.’
    • ‘Still, I've been thinking, if you're going to shake this thing up, maybe my initial plan didn't go far enough.’
    • ‘It's about time the health service was shaken up though time will tell whether it will be a success.’
    • ‘Since the start of last year the portfolio line-up has been shaken up from time to time.’
    • ‘It is about time the flooring industry was shaken up and customers were considered, and that was the motivation in combining the best technology and old - fashioned service to deliver huge reductions and a better way to buy flooring.’
    reorganize, restructure, revolutionize, alter dramatically, make far-reaching changes in, transform, reform, overhaul, update
  • 3shake someone up, shake up someoneUpset the composure or confidence of someone.

    • ‘the fall shook him up quite badly’
    upset, distress, disturb, unsettle, perturb, disconcert, discompose, disquiet, unnerve, trouble, take aback, throw off balance, agitate, fluster
    weaken, undermine, damage, impair, harm, hurt, injure, have a bad effect on
    1. 3.1Rouse someone from lethargy, apathy, or complacency.
      ‘he had to do something to shake the team up—we lacked spark’
      • ‘He told him the manager's criticism was for the good of the team, that his words were designed to shake him up, not put him down.’
      • ‘This really shook Mel up and caused him to ask himself if his life was going in the right direction.’
      • ‘I'm still happy and all, but something happened today that shook me up.’
      • ‘The Beagle 2 is to address a question that could equally shake us up and our view of ourselves and the universe.’
      • ‘I like the Telegraph but, despite doctor's advice, get the Independent and Guardian a couple of times a week to shake me up and let the descendants get a different world view from my rants.’
      • ‘In desperation I invented a reason to drive over to Minehead, thinking that the hustle and bustle of the town would shake me up, get me going again.’
      • ‘It certainly made me want to shake him up at times and say, come on, Stevens, have a life…’
      • ‘To have someone love me like that was utterly incredible for me, and it shook me up.’
      put some life into, enliven, put some spark into, liven up, stir up, rouse, get going