Definition of shallop in English:



  • 1historical A light sailing boat used mainly for coastal fishing or as a tender.

    • ‘Mikmaq continued to build their own canoes and shallops with sails, but could not afford steam- or gasoline-powered boats until small, inexpensive outboard motors became available in the 1950s (Wallis and Wallis 1955: 278).’
    • ‘In 1767, Nova Scotia merchant Simeon Perkins ‘saw Indians with large quantities of whalebone, in shallops’.’
    • ‘I will not advance but by the strange calamities that work as on shallops on calmed water, a slow going nowhere kind of motion toward centermost.’
    • ‘In 1817, a sealer in a shallop was thrown against these rocks, and, according to a witness, ‘one thigh bone and one arm were the only parts of the body that could be found.’’
    1. 1.1A large, heavy boat with one or more masts and carrying fore-and-aft or lug sails, sometimes equipped with guns.
      ‘Having overlooked the deeper pass between Dauphin and Pelican islands, they had proceeded westward to an anchorage in Mississippi Sound and thence by shallop to enter the Mississippi River itself.’


Late 16th century from French chaloupe, from Dutch sloep ‘sloop’.