Definition of shalom in English:



  • Used as salutation by Jewish people at meeting or parting, meaning “peace.”

    Compare with salaam

    ‘“I'll be waiting for your call.” “Au revoir.” “Shalom.”’
    • ‘The area is meticulously preserved to keep the graffiti messages of peace or shalom that Israelis spontaneously wrote to mourn their fallen prime minister.’
    • ‘Another concept central to this work is shalom, or peace.’
    • ‘And, in Christ, you have elevated and demonstrated the cause of shalom, of peace, of wholeness, of unity.’
    • ‘The Hebrew word shalom, translated peace, means full salvation.’
    • ‘Justice brings shalom, a peace much greater than absence of war.’
    • ‘How do we make such a vulnerable house into a place of shalom, of peace and security and harmony and wholeness?’
    • ‘The song's title refers to the words for peace in Arabic and Hebrew - salaam and shalom, respectively.’
    • ‘To understand the biblical concept of peace, reflect on the Hebrew word shalom.’
    • ‘Ladies and gentlemen, friends; good evening, shalom, erev tov.’
    • ‘If our calling as Christians, as Anglicans, is to participate with God in God's mission, then the end to which we all need to be working is that shalom, that reign, that kingdom, where all will be restored to unity with God.’
    • ‘Years ago, it became clear to me that unless I placed my children first, I wasn't going to have shalom, which means integrity or wholeness.’
    • ‘The Second Testament Judean writers used the Greek term eirene for shalom, possessing much the same meaning and usage to apply to the gospel.’
    • ‘Perhaps she calculated that the shalom of the Syrian commander is the necessary matrix for her shalom.’
    • ‘In the face of strife and disease, Africans are leading the search for shalom.’
    • ‘Maybe digital media could empower religious groups to become producers of shalom.’
    • ‘As the proceedings wore on, he periodically smiled, waved, and called shalom as he left the courtroom.’



/SHəˈlōm/ /ʃəˈloʊm/ /SHäˈlōm/ /ʃɑˈloʊm/


From Hebrew šālōm.