Definition of shamanism in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃɑːmənɪz(ə)m/ /ˈʃamənɪz(ə)m/ /ˈʃeɪmənɪz(ə)m/


See shaman

  • ‘The cult of spirits, shamanism, and ancestor worship compose the three major parts of traditional Hmong religion.’
  • ‘Confucianism, Taoism, and shamanism have also influenced Japanese religion.’
  • ‘He writes about shamanism, paganism, mysticism and feminism, and approaches them all with respect, compassion and mischief.’
  • ‘However, one can argue that every research into shamanism and the occult is a dangerous endeavour.’
  • ‘Before Christian and medieval Scandinavian influence, religion involved shamanism, with practitioners mediating between the present world and the upper and nether realms of the universe.’



/ˈʃɑːmənɪz(ə)m/ /ˈʃamənɪz(ə)m/ /ˈʃeɪmənɪz(ə)m/