Definition of shambling in English:


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  • Moving with a slow, shuffling, awkward gait.

    ‘a big, shambling, shy man’
    • ‘By his side was the familiar, loose-jointed figure of Mark Twain, getting over ground with his usual shambling gait.’
    • ‘For his last 15 years, he was a shambling wreck.’
    • ‘They move with a slow shambling walk, the low-slung head swinging from side to side.’
    • ‘Heavy of jowl, shambling of gait, ponderous of voice, his manner was still affable.’
    • ‘There was a shambling drunk I used to pass sometimes on my way to school, lying in a doorway, clutching a bottle.’
    • ‘The following night, at the same time, Hyatt again heard the shambling footsteps in the hallway.’
    • ‘He stood there, this balding, shambling, slightly flabby man.’
    • ‘The boy went off with a curious, shambling gait which told my surgical eyes that he was suffering from a weak spine.’
    • ‘That night, Jack dreamt of a scaled slumping dad breaking out of the shed and shambling out of the dark grove toward the house.’
    • ‘From the edge of the forest, a horde of dark shapes emerged into the clearing and started shambling towards the house.’
    • ‘Constantly flattering, thanking, and offering sweets to shambling, younger helpers who feel in awe of the man.’
    • ‘The other Calabim begin shambling in that direction, grumbling.’
    • ‘The body language of the escaper, who approached my position, was one of utter dejection, head down, shambling forward with obvious reluctance.’
    • ‘He had been rendered a shambling wreck.’
    • ‘He took on the No.1 contender in a mandatory defence and reduced him to a shambling wreck inside seven minutes, 45 seconds of controlled boxing.’
    • ‘Indeed, he became so much interested and amused by their shambling motions and clever evolutions, that he could no longer contain his curiosity.’
    • ‘Rebraca, just as shambling off the court, shakes his bleached-blond locks in quiet agreement.’
    • ‘He is tall, with a shambling gait, and is absolutely direct.’
    • ‘Everything about him - his mumbling speech, shambling movements and - screams withdrawal, retreat, terror of the outside.’
    • ‘The shambling gait, unshaven appearance, panda eyes and mumbling incoherence are a mirror image of Cobain.’



/ˈSHamb(ə)liNG/ /ˈʃæmb(ə)lɪŋ/