Definition of shareability in English:


(also sharability)

Pronunciation /ˌSHerəˈbilədē/ /ˌʃɛrəˈbɪlədi/


  • The quality of being shareable or the likelihood of being shared, especially on a social media website or application.

    ‘the brevity of the video clips is a key to their shareability’
    • ‘in most cases, images work a lot better than text in terms of sharability’
    • ‘Any kind of edge or stridency is a no-no for shareability.’
    • ‘Say what you will about the easy sharability of digital photos, sometimes it's nice to have an actual physical print that you can hold onto.’
    • ‘Getting your site ready for social media activity: Optimization, capturing leads, shareability, email marketing, analytics, social buttons.’
    • ‘These can be linked to the user's Facebook, increasing the shareability and lessening the chance of missing someone pivotal on the list.’
    • ‘Discovery and sharability are key to finding new things online, and there are many apps that can help.’
    • ‘With over 2.5m views to date, this video has definitely won in the shareability stakes.’
    • ‘Now, you can use biometric testing, eye-tracking, and consumer/blogger focus groups to predict the shareability of video content.’
    • ‘Unsurprisingly, using an infographic for a post can draw attention to a blogging site due to its shareability.’
    • ‘Humor, insightful content, and warmth on a social media page can all contribute to your brand's shareability.’
    • ‘But when combined the right way with visual elements, your content's shareability and engagement can go through the roof.’