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  • An owner of shares in a company.

    ‘As rumours of a buyout surface once more, should shareholders sell or sit tight?’
    • ‘He is a property developer and a shareholder in and director of a number of companies.’
    • ‘He has shareholders to answer to, but that does not mean he foists his ideas on people.’
    • ‘They have a legal obligation to look after their shareholders so money out ought to mean some benefit in.’
    • ‘So the industry set out to impress its shareholders by assigning itself goals.’
    • ‘It has broached its plans to snap up smaller competitors with existing shareholders.’
    • ‘He has made it clear that the staff are on an equal footing with shareholders and customers.’
    • ‘It is difficult to see why a substantial shareholder like Smyth should agree to this type of a bid.’
    • ‘As a leading shareholder, he wields power and influence himself, and has not been afraid to use it.’
    • ‘In addition, the state remained the majority shareholder in most privatized companies.’
    • ‘The important point in this is that with you being its shareholder, the investment trust has to put you first.’
    • ‘My job as a businessman is to be a profit centre and to maximise return to the shareholders.’
    • ‘For years people have bemoaned the emergence of shareholders as the owners of football clubs.’
    • ‘The rise in earnings per share was the result of share buy-backs from minority shareholders.’
    • ‘If you want to go to the shareholder meetings, you may have to get your broker to certify that you're a shareholder.’
    • ‘It's just not enough to ensure that a business is as profitable as possible for its shareholders.’
    • ‘That cash is likely to be returned to shareholders in the form of dividends.’
    • ‘Consequently, any boss who puts his shareholders above his own ego should be applauded.’
    • ‘It's quite possible that many of their current shareholders missed them entirely.’
    • ‘The current emphasis is on achieving value for shareholders over the long term.’



/ˈSHerˌhōldər/ /ˈʃɛrˌhoʊldər/