Definition of sharif in English:



(also shereef)
  • 1A descendant of Muhammad through his daughter Fatima, entitled to wear a green turban or veil.

    ‘The title of sharif, a descendant of Muhammad, is handed down through the male line.’
    • ‘Patrilineal transmission, which is of Arab origin, exists on Ndzuani, and three sharif lineages live in the islands.’
  • 2A Muslim ruler, magistrate, or religious leader.

    ‘In return, the spiritual leader of the world's Muslims, Ali ibn Hussein, grand sherif of the holy city of Mecca, was promised Arab independence for all lands east of the Mediterranean.’
    • ‘To break the grip of the Ottomans for good, they had declared support for an Arab Kingdom under Hussein, the sharif of Mecca, who in return led an uprising against the Turkish rulers.’



/SHəˈrēf/ /ʃəˈrif/


From Arabic šarīf ‘noble’, from šarafa ‘be exalted’.