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  • Very shocking or upsetting.

    ‘he found it a shattering experience’
    • ‘However, the contender did manage some shattering attacks of his own.’
    • ‘I can only begin to imagine the shattering impact of the killing on local people.’
    • ‘There may come to us some shattering calamity or dreadful disappointment or some moral failure.’
    • ‘They need to bounce back from the shattering blow of defeat at the weekend at Hull City.’
    • ‘I received some shattering news: My story was rejected.’
    • ‘At this stage in their development, the camera focuses on the parents' reaction to the shattering news.’
    • ‘We will win victories we cannot now imagine, and live through shattering defeats.’
    • ‘The one thing I certainly wasn't prepared for was the shattering news that I was in perfect health.’
    • ‘He and his wife had suffered a shattering blow when their only daughter died in the crash of a small plane.’
    • ‘We should roll the credits right now on this desensitised approach to the important responsibility of appropriate timing by Hollywood towards such shattering world events.’
    • ‘And there really ought not to be a dry eye in the theatre by the time it reaches its shattering conclusion.’
    • ‘Some describe the knowledge of having to undergo an amputation as the most shattering moment in their lives while others disclose having privately contemplated suicide.’
    • ‘But her success came despite a shattering letter from the Home Office the day before she sat two Maths exams at Thomas Rotherham College in South Yorkshire.’
    • ‘It proved a shattering wake-up call.’
    • ‘The disaster also deals a shattering blow to the railway industry as a whole.’
    • ‘A woman who claims she was abused as a child in a council-run care home, has come forward after reading the shattering accounts of others reported in the Yorkshire Post.’
    • ‘This shattering statistic crashed into Downing Street, where brows were being mopped and arrangements stood down.’
    • ‘In attempting to find a grain of good in such shattering events, Virgo maintains that " lots of things that happen off the field make you stronger on it ".’
    • ‘It is a depiction of shattering, chronic, inescapable pain and suffering that refuses to slide into self-pity.’



/ˈSHadəriNG/ /ˈʃædərɪŋ/