Definition of sheath knife in English:

sheath knife


  • A short knife similar to a dagger, carried in a sheath.

    • ‘Don't carry your fixed-blade sheath knife right next to your spare pistol magazines.’
    • ‘My sheath knife had the standard Bowie blade with a hollow pommel concealing a spool of approximately ten metres of single-strand nylon fishing line, five hooks, and five needles and thread.’
    • ‘A double barrelled shotgun lay on the ground, and a sheath knife was stuck in the soil.’
    • ‘Their compactness and convenience is appealing, but for pure handiness and rough and ready durability, the fixed-blade sheath knife is still king and the choice of most seasoned outdoorsmen.’
    • ‘The sheath knife was a versatile tool, and it continues to symbolize maleness in recreational hunting and fishing.’
    • ‘Any sheath knife incapable of taking on such tasks isn't worth carrying.’
    • ‘The weapon wasn't a pocketknife or sheath knife, but a stiletto.’
    • ‘Police later found a gas-operated rifle and sheath knife among weapons at his home.’
    • ‘It was Rusty who thought a small, useful sheath knife would be appropriate, and Johnson supplied one of his ‘Gochenour’ blades, subtly enhanced to flow with the rest of the rig.’
    • ‘From the through-hiker's multiblades to the kayaker's sheath knife, we've compiled five of the best.’
    • ‘My fatigue pants were there, as well as my shirt, belt, and sheath knife.’
    • ‘A total of 708 knives were deposited during the last Surrey Police knives amnesty in December 1995, which ran for a month, and included 262 kitchen knives, 123 flick knives, 89 sheath knives and 59 machetes.’
    • ‘Settle Town Council responded to complaints by banning a stall from selling air guns and sheath knives at the Tuesday market.’
    • ‘Model types range from concealable automatics to multifunctional sheath knives.’
    • ‘Many's the hour we would sit round the old camp fire with an old lump of wood and our sheath knives beavering away to produce a scale model of the Taj Mahal or a lifesize model of Twiggy (no pun intended).’
    • ‘It is best known for folding knives, but don't be fooled, they also offer a number of excellent sheath knives.’


sheath knife