Definition of shedder in English:



  • 1A person or thing that sheds something.

    • ‘Then you continue on in your hatefully superior day, you unctuous benevolent light shedder.’
    • ‘Many women are asymptomatic shedders at the time of delivery, and these account for most of the neonatal infections.’
    • ‘Newfs are also heavy seasonal shedders, and due to the loose lip flews, they drool and can throw it many metres when they shake their heads.’
    • ‘This is why the Code of Jewish Law states: ‘if he withholds his services, he is considered a shedder of blood.’’
    • ‘When a crab is ready to molt, it is referred to as a ‘peeler’ or ‘shedder.’’
    • ‘Crabbers are pleased if they catch a couple on this amorous journey, since they gain simultaneously a hard male and a female shedder.’
  • 2A female salmon after spawning.