Definition of sheen in English:


Pronunciation /SHēn/ /ʃin/

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in singular
  • A soft luster on a surface.

    ‘black crushed velvet with a slight sheen’
    • ‘he seemed to shine with that unmistakable showbiz sheen’
    • ‘Unadorned, they rely on the soft surface sheen of the pewter for decorative effect.’
    • ‘To seal the paint, I used light brown tinted wax and buffed it to a soft sheen.’
    • ‘With a low sheen, the intriguing surface is full of movement and tonal interest.’
    • ‘At one time after heavy flooding I tried to use a garden hose to wash off the oily sheen from the surface but I only managed to disperse it.’
    • ‘The moon reflected off the soft sheen on Rex's face and I could see he had a small smile on.’
    • ‘It shone and glistened in the moonlight, the soft sheen reflecting off of the copper.’
    • ‘It has very few bumps or protuberances, and the surface has as mirror-like a sheen as you can get from white plastic.’
    • ‘The hallway gleamed with the sheen of a polished diamond.’
    • ‘Grace holds herself up with her hand against the floor, which has acquired a bright sheen of polish.’
    • ‘Both of their faces had a soft sheen of sweat and Thom loosened his collar a little.’
    • ‘An iridescent sheen spread over the surface of the water below him, indicating a fuel leak.’
    • ‘It has a slight sheen and a defined twill line, and can be dyed any color, including indigo.’
    • ‘Its beauty increases with use which causes a patina or soft sheen to form.’
    • ‘Every length and lath of wood is polished to a force-field sheen.’
    • ‘Have your concrete polished to a marble-like sheen, and it needn't look like a public lavatory.’
    • ‘And if his songs have had the time to be polished to a smooth sheen then so has his interview technique.’
    • ‘Only the hugely successful rally computer game that bears his name sparkles with a sheen of glamour.’
    • ‘To add a sheen, polish the eggs with a paper towel or cloth wetted with vegetable oil.’
    • ‘He looked at her, her face gleaming with a sheen of sweat as she watched him.’
    • ‘In order to produce a higher sheen or gloss, we need to use a finer abrasive.’
    shine, lustre, gleam, patina, gloss, shininess, burnish, polish, shimmer, glimmer, sparkle, brightness, brilliance, radiance
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  • Shine or cause to shine softly.

    with object ‘men entered with rain sheening their steel helms’
    • ‘her black hair sheened in the sun’
    • ‘Nara noticed that his pale face was sheened with sweat, shining in the dim green light of the controls.’
    • ‘The dog's rear tensed, muscles sheening through the short hair.’
    • ‘Other great writers-Tolstoy, Bellow, Flaubert - seem to look through a clear - seeing inner eye which in Joyce is milkily, filmily sheened.’
    • ‘Everything on the market seemed to turn into those bendy, rimless shards sheened with that bluish, rather offensively reflective stuff.’
    • ‘His face is heavyset, its mid-coffee coloring sheened with sweat.’


Early 17th century from obsolete sheen ‘beautiful, resplendent’; apparently related to the verb shine.