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  • 1Shocked or confused because of a sudden alarming experience.

    ‘he told shell-shocked investors that the company needed still more money to survive the year’
    • ‘Each film was a devastating experience which left me almost shell-shocked.’
    • ‘Stand-off Paul Cooke's conversion was astray, providing some relief for the shell-shocked Bulls.’
    • ‘Jol looked shell-shocked, unsure whether to laugh or cry.’
    • ‘Shell-shocked Kevin finds himself caught in the crossfire between the two women he loves most.’
    • ‘Often spellbound, occasionally shell-shocked, we succumb to Tendulkar's verbal wizardry.’
    • ‘You could be shell-shocked by all of the applause.’
    • ‘The Conservatives are slowly coming out of the shell-shocked denial that followed the 1997 defeat.’
    • ‘On the day, everyone was shellshocked, checking what had happened, whether everyone was safe, all of that.’
    • ‘Speaking for the first time about the incident, Mrs Fitzpatrick said she was "totally shell shocked" by the news of the attack.’
    • ‘The 12-year-old eponymous hero of the film, Daniel Radcliffe, looked shell-shocked by the hysteria which greeted his arrival at the premiere.’
    • ‘Sandy and Terry go and see an actual birth and come back shell-shocked.’
    • ‘She was still asleep upstairs when she was greeted by the sight of Mr Page, standing in his red pyjamas looking shell-shocked.’
    • ‘With that he made a quick exit and locked himself in his library while Gwen sat there shell shocked.’
    • ‘When he walked off the green he was one shot behind and looking shell-shocked.’
    • ‘The record defeat left Britain's players shell-shocked’
    • ‘It has fizzled out largely because shellshocked financiers are not in the mood for fine details and patience.’
    • ‘Bald and shell-shocked by the experience, she also learnt a valuable lesson.’
    • ‘The other half wore the shell-shocked expressions of those who have inadvertently wandered into the wrong club.’
    • ‘Even now, as I write, so many hours after the unspeakable incident, my mind still reels in shell-shocked horror and uncertainty.’
    • ‘He told Nancy Grace he was shell shocked by the hidden camera.’
  • 2Affected with the condition of shell shock.

    ‘The film is about a shell-shocked WWI veteran, who becomes obsessed with restoring the intricate mechanical Harrison clocks, regardless of the personal cost.’
    • ‘He returned shell-shocked, eligible for a full pension.’
    • ‘The term "shell shocked" became well known during the Vietnam War.’
    • ‘Septimus Smith, a shell-shocked World War One veteran, overhears people discussing the matter.’
    • ‘Uncle Charlie had been in the trenches in the First World War and come back "shell shocked."’
    • ‘Many Americans know that Patton slapped two shell-shocked soldiers who'd sought refuge in an Army hospital bed during the Allies' invasion of Sicily in August 1943.’
    • ‘This World War II romance film makes Amanda feel all warm and cozy, as only stories of convicts and shell-shocked veterans can.’
    • ‘It was a terribly sad situation and some of these soldiers were genuinely shell-shocked.’
    • ‘Grace was Egan's mother whose three brothers were casualties to the war: one died, another was gassed, another shell-shocked.’
    • ‘Against that apocalyptic reality, the 17 shell-shocked British soldiers shot for "cowardice" look like the only sane men in uniform on the continent.’
    • ‘As he prepared his shell-shocked troops for life in the basement, his new broom approach was not to everyone's liking.’
    • ‘The first inkling of what is to come appears after Charlie returns home, shell-shocked after seeing his brother wounded.’
    • ‘Later he went abroad and the misfortunate wretch got shell-shocked in some foreign war.’
    • ‘Many of those who opted out were repeat deserters who weren't even shell-shocked.’



/ˈSHelSHäkt/ /ˈʃɛlʃɑkt/


First World War from shell shock.