Definition of sheltie in English:


nounplural noun shelties

(also shelty)
  • A Shetland pony or sheepdog.

    ‘The sheltie pattern specifies that shelties may be no smaller than 10 and no greater than 13 inches at the withers.’
    • ‘She had shelties for 20 years before getting her first Border Collie in 1985.’
    • ‘One is a border collie German Shepard and the other one is a sheltie.’
    • ‘Indeed, it was named after a sheltie whose owner had stipulated that upon her death her dog was to be euthanized.’
    • ‘It was shaped like a sheltie, holding a bone receiver in its mouth.’
    • ‘It is the result of breeding two merles together; it occurs in any breed (collie, sheltie, Aussie) in which merles are present.’
    • ‘It was 10 months ago today when my sweet Princess, a 14 year old sheltie, went to be with God.’
    • ‘As if to illustrate his point, one sheltie limped up and nosed Claire, then plopped down beside her.’



/ˈSHeltē/ /ˈʃɛlti/


Early 17th century probably representing an Orkney pronunciation of Old Norse Hjalti ‘Shetlander’.