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  • 1Shelves collectively.

    ‘a lack of shelving and cupboards’
    • ‘There is an abundance of built-in shelving and cupboard space.’
    • ‘The adjoining breakfast area has an exposed brick wall with built-in shelving and storage cupboards.’
    • ‘It also has an open fireplace and wooden flooring, along with fitted shelving and storage cupboards.’
    • ‘One solution is utilizing vertical space above the bench with structural shelving and racking devices for equipment as well as reagents and storage.’
    • ‘When open shelving is used, a solid shelf or tote box should be used on the bottom shelf to create a barrier between the floor and the bottom shelf.’
    • ‘This leaves space at the back of the worktop for extra storage, in the form of roll-down aluminium shutters, open shelving, sliding glass panels or recessed knife racks with fold-down chopping boards.’
    • ‘One of the bedrooms also features a walk-in cupboard, recessed storage and shelving.’
    • ‘Straight ladders are the most common and least expensive type used with bookcases, display racks, and other types of shelving or cabinets that have a consistent depth.’
    • ‘To partially compensate his I-want-I-want-I-want reaction we picked up a neat set of utility shelving, manufactured from recycled plastic, to go in the garage pending the acquisition of a shed.’
    • ‘Because of this, the camp is expanding the inside work area - renovating a room as an inclement work area and fabricating shelving to display completed bisque.’
    • ‘Store materials off the floor using shelving or pallets.’
    • ‘The community service is carried out at a local charity where Frank, using the skills he is learning as an apprentice cabinet-maker, restores and renovates their shelving.’
    • ‘The department is luxuriously decorated in the brand's signature lilac colour, with suede lined shelving and deep carpets surrounding a large circular seating area.’
    • ‘We also needed to hide some unsightly shelving.’
    • ‘The shelving, paint, woodwork and cabinets in the shop are all destroyed while the lack of electricity and filthy floors will involve major work to return them to normal.’
    • ‘The new library will be on one level, as opposed to the Renwick St library which has restricted access because of narrow stairs, high shelving and narrow stairs.’
    • ‘It has lifts, a coffee shop, 7,000 audio and visual items, an electronic database, research engines and 2,500 metres of shelving.’
    • ‘Central Library, based on Rome's Pantheon, and the largest municipal library in Britain with its 20 miles of shelving, is also singled out.’
    • ‘They then tossed in some simple color-coordinated shelving, eye-catching wall decor and a few hubcaps.’
    • ‘Features include timber flooring, a quality kitchen with additional shelving and brick features and beautiful open fireplaces.’
    1. 1.1The action of shelving something.
      • ‘The shelving of plans for a 80,000-seat national stadium at Abbotstown - the so-called Bertie Bowl - has weakened the case for retaining the full site.’



/ˈSHelviNG/ /ˈʃɛlvɪŋ/