Definition of shepherd dog in English:

shepherd dog


  • A sheepdog.

    • ‘The other group winners included a beagle called Harry; a smooth coat chihuahua called Astro; Marnie a Japanese shiba inu; Rosco an English setter; Phil the giant schnauzer and India, a Belgian shepherd dog.’
    • ‘A 1356 wooden carving located in the Belgian city of Leuven depicts a shepherd dog with all the physical characteristics of a schipperke.’
    • ‘A shepherd dog walks by and bristles at the dead body of Curley's wife.’
    • ‘Neither should the guest kick any animal, or chase the host's shepherd dog or the guard dog.’
    • ‘The second defendant has said that there are 18 dogs on the premises including five adult shepherd dogs.’
    • ‘Besides llamas, they maintain some 60 small sheep, a kitten and two black shepherd dogs.’
    • ‘Before he could turn and make his escape, two large shepherd dogs had encircled him.’