Definition of shit in English:


Pronunciation /SHit/ /ʃɪt/

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vulgar slang
  • 1Feces.

    excrement, bodily waste, waste matter, ordure, dung, manure, scat
    1. 1.1An act of defecating.
      excretion, discharging faeces, excreting faeces, passing faeces, evacuation of one's bowels, opening one's bowels, going to the lavatory
  • 2A contemptible or worthless person.

    scoundrel, villain, rogue, rascal, brute, animal, weasel, snake, monster, ogre, wretch, devil, good-for-nothing, reprobate, wrongdoer, evil-doer
  • 3Something worthless; garbage; nonsense.

    • ‘this book is shit’
    nonsense, balderdash, gibberish, claptrap, blarney, blather, blether, moonshine
    1. 3.1Unpleasant experiences or treatment.
      • ‘I went through a lot of shit last year’
      painful experience, unpleasant experience, trial, tribulation, test, nightmare, trauma, baptism of fire, hell, hell on earth, misery, trouble, difficulty, torture, torment, agony
  • 4Things or stuff, especially personal belongings.

    • ‘he left his shit at my apartment’
    belongings, possessions, stuff, property, worldly goods, goods, personal effects, effects, paraphernalia, impedimenta, bits and pieces, bits and bobs
    1. 4.1Events or circumstances.
      • ‘some crazy shit happened last night’
      events, happenings, affairs, business
  • 5Any psychoactive drug, especially marijuana.

    narcotic, stimulant, hallucinogen, addictive drug, recreational drug, illegal drug, substance

verbshits, shitting, shitted, shit, shat

vulgar slang
  • 1no object Expel feces from the body.

    excrete, discharge faeces, excrete faeces, pass faeces, have a bowel movement, have a BM, evacuate one's bowels, open one's bowels, void excrement, relieve oneself, go to the lavatory
    1. 1.1shit oneselfSoil one's clothes as a result of expelling feces accidentally.
    2. 1.2shit oneselfBe very frightened.
  • 2with object Tease or try to deceive (someone)

    • ‘I shit you not’
  • 3shit onno object Show contempt or disregard for.


vulgar slang
  • An exclamation of disgust, anger, or annoyance.


    eat shit
    vulgar slang
    • An exclamation expressing anger or contempt for, or rejection of, someone.

    lose one's shit
    US vulgar slang
    • Lose one's composure.

    as — as shit
    vulgar slang
    • Possessing the specified quality to a high degree (used for emphasis).

    be the shit
    US vulgar slang
    • Be outstandingly good or impressive.

    no shit, Sherlock
    vulgar slang
    • Said humorously to express the view that someone is stating something that is completely obvious.

      • ‘there are a few worrying findings: the first is that congestion causes stress (no shit, Sherlock) and the second says that traffic jams may cause brain damage’
    in the shit
    vulgar slang
    • In trouble.

    shit a brick
    vulgar slang
    • Be extremely nervous or frightened.

    shit for brains
    North American vulgar slang
    • A stupid person.

    when the shit hits the fan
    vulgar slang
    • When the disastrous consequences of something become public.

    not give a shit
    vulgar slang
    • Not care at all.

    not worth a shit
    vulgar slang
    • Worthless.

    get one's shit together
    vulgar slang
    • Organize oneself so as to be able to deal with or achieve something.

    for shits and giggles
    vulgar slang
    • For no reason except to amuse oneself; for fun.

    — the shit out of
    vulgar slang
    • Do something to an excessive or extreme degree.

    no shit
    vulgar slang
    • Used as a way of confirming or seeking confirmation of the truth of a statement.

    not know shit
    vulgar slang
    • Not know anything.


Old English scitte ‘diarrhea’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch schijten, German scheissen (verb). The term was originally neutral and used without vulgar connotation.