Definition of shoeblack in English:



  • A person who cleans the shoes of passers-by for payment.

    • ‘We see shoeblacks and lamplighters with their tools and utensils; and milkmaids, fruit sellers and prostitutes touting their wares.’
    • ‘Two seemingly harmless and careless shoeblacks turn out to be gloomy crooks with a dirty plan to rob a bank courier.’
    • ‘Unemployment is high and many people support themselves with badly paid work in the ‘informal sector’ as shoeblacks or street vendors.’
    • ‘One's senses were assaulted by news vendors, shoeblacks, quack doctors and the like and their specimens of cajolery.’
    • ‘I never heard a shoeblack called a boot-finisher before, but I think the euphemism was allowable in a young lady who wishes to exalt the commercial status of her intended.’