Definition of shofar in English:


nounshofars, shofroth

  • A ram's-horn trumpet formerly used by Jews as an ancient battle signal and now used in Jewish religious ceremonies.

    • ‘Positive commandments include activities such as blowing the shofar on Rosh Hashana, the study of Torah, the wearing of the tallit, etc.’
    • ‘And no rabbi feels compelled to tell his congregants about the importance of coming to hear the shofar on Rosh Hashana.’
    • ‘He opposed circumcision, wearing of skull caps or prayer shawls, or the blowing of the shofar - in short just about anything traditionally Jewish.’
    • ‘We study with our eyes, mouth, and brain, eat matzah with our mouths, listen to the shofar with our ears, and wear the tefillin on the arm and head.’
    • ‘Because it was the eve of Rosh Hashana, the image of a shofar flashed through my mind, and I recalled a Biblical story I'd learned in school.’
    • ‘When the shofar blows at the end of Yom Kippur, we are, for that moment, our full potential self.’


From Hebrew šōp̱ār, (plural) šōp̱ārōṯ.