Definition of shop assistant in English:

shop assistant


  • A person who serves customers in a shop.

    • ‘The shop assistant continued to assist Molly, while I looked after Elsie.’
    • ‘The female shop assistant, who was busy with other customers, showed the rings and another man then buzzed to be allowed in.’
    • ‘Bosses at the York Dungeon were left scratching their heads after a shop assistant sold a real skull to a customer.’
    • ‘A shop assistant watched in shock as a thief posing as a customer grabbed money from the till before running off.’
    • ‘Then he asked to see another and the shop assistant put the first one on the floor behind the counter.’
    • ‘His mother Lisa, 41, a shop assistant reported him missing at around 8.10 pm.’
    • ‘Selby-based Detective Sergeant Dave Pegg said the intruder pushed the shop assistant aside, although no weapon was seen.’
    • ‘A sapphire necklace worn on the Titanic by a shop assistant eloping with her employer has been loaned to an exhibition in Yorkshire.’
    • ‘The shop assistant stood by the door, astonished at the number of people taking an sudden interest in his products and at those still trying to enter behind me.’
    • ‘When he was five, his parents bought him to a piano shop in Wimbledon to buy him a real piano and when the shop assistant heard him, she called me and said I should see him.’
    • ‘Rose is their Turkish shop assistant, very nice, very cute.’
    • ‘I looked straight at the shop assistant behind the check-out.’
    • ‘He reached into his pocket as if to get his wallet, but instead pulled out a kitchen knife which he pointed at the shop assistant and shouted at him to hand over all the money.’
    • ‘Mr Edward outlined how Green forced a shop assistant to hand over £45 in Grosvenor Terrace, Clifton.’
    • ‘Also receiving a silver medal was Richard Sowter of Bingley, who saw a man holding a large knife towards a shop assistant while he took cash from a till.’
    • ‘Mrs Glead, a part-time shop assistant, said the latest development ends a four-year wait to nail Timbrell.’
    • ‘One Witham shop had an under-age shop assistant selling alcohol.’
    • ‘A robber held a screwdriver to a terrified shop assistant's throat as his accomplice stole money from the store's safe and till.’
    • ‘The shop assistant says hello and says she likes my sweater.’
    • ‘A drunken shop assistant who terrified a York policewoman with a starter pistol has been jailed for 21 months.’
    vendor, retailer, purveyor, shopkeeper, supplier, stockist, trader, merchant, dealer


shop assistant