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shopping cart

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  • 1North American A bag or basket on wheels for carrying shopping purchases, in particular one on wheels provided for the use of supermarket customers.

    British term shopping trolley

    ‘pedestrians milled about with grocery bags and shopping carts’
    • ‘Pushing a shopping cart is kind of like driving a car—you've got to keep your eyes on the road.’
    • ‘A shopping cart carrying her baby rolled out of a store parking lot and headed straight for oncoming traffic.’
    • ‘Some shopping carts were overflowing as some bargain hunters scooped up deals.’
    • ‘He got there in time to see the suspect pushing the shopping cart full of his stuff.’
    • ‘The adventure ended with a shopping cart crashing into his windshield.’
    • ‘In that incident, a woman put her purse in her shopping cart and became distracted.’
    • ‘They were literally walking out with shopping carts full of merchandise.’
    • ‘Dolinski found that people were much more likely to mind the woman's shopping cart when they had been previously asked to fulfill an unusual request.’
    • ‘The sanitizing wipes near the shopping carts were enriched with aloe vera.’
    • ‘They text while accidentally steering their shopping cart into nearby shopping carts since they aren't paying attention.’
    1. 1.1A facility on a website that records items selected by a customer for purchase until the transaction is completed.
      ‘much to her dismay, when she got back to the computer to resume shopping, her shopping cart was empty’
      • ‘Clicking on a desired track and adding it to a shopping cart is easy.’
      • ‘I went back to my Vistaprint shopping cart to capture some screen grabs but I was too late.’
      • ‘Pay attention to your shopping cart to make sure the price is right before you submit your order.’
      • ‘Customers can simply add participating products to their shopping cart via the Online Store.’
      • ‘Discounted price may not appear until after product is added to your shopping cart for various products.’
      • ‘The best thing is that online shopping carts are SEO friendly systems for vendors, retailers and merchants.’
      • ‘To avoid excessive spending, try this trick: once an item is in your online shopping cart, force yourself to wait 24 hours before completing the order.’


shopping cart

/ˈSHäpiNG ˌkärt/ /ˈʃɑpɪŋ ˌkɑrt/