Definition of shore leave in English:

shore leave


mass noun
  • Leisure time spent ashore by a sailor.

    ‘the hall was full of sailors on shore leave’
    • ‘The pubs used to shut at nine then and he came home drunk with these two Dutch sailors on shore leave.’
    • ‘On shore leave in Manila, he meets up with Yuddy on the eve of a disastrous lapse in judgment.’
    • ‘John Prescott, then working as a steward for Cunard cruise liners, was home on shore leave.’
    • ‘Two sailors, on shore leave, are caught up in a diamond smuggling racket.’
    • ‘Almost 10,000 sailors and marines enjoyed shore leave in Pattaya for five days.’
    • ‘Henriette spotted Carl easily; she supposed he wasn't permitted to wear civilian clothes, even on shore leave.’
    • ‘Even before the agreement has been signed, US warships have begun to dock in Colombo harbour to refuel and to provide shore leave for sailors.’
    • ‘Once the ship docks and the crew goes out on shore leave, then you can ‘disappear’ and make your way back to the Nelson Institute.’
    • ‘This enchanting vignette of sailors on shore leave led to his first Broadway choreography, On the Town, and opened the door to his brilliant dual career.’
    • ‘A total of 250,000 sailors are now able to get information on the country, to search for places to visit while being on shore leave in Pattaya or Sattahip.’
    • ‘A Russian naval officer who stole a three-year-old's toy tractor while he was on shore leave had to give it back when police boarded his ship with a search warrant.’
    • ‘They're on shore leave right now, but they'll all be back by the time we leave tomorrow morning.’
    • ‘Sailors on shore leave walk through the weathered Venetian old town, quaffing beer or haggling over souvenirs or avoiding the pitch of waiters trying to lure them into seaside cafés.’
    • ‘These visits probably do not have much military purpose, but Sydney is clearly a popular place for the US sailors to have some shore leave, and the US gets a fair amount of goodwill out of the visits.’
    • ‘That's because the two months he served on the Spyglass were the two months that we were on shore leave.’
    • ‘Legend has it she met George McCrae when he was doing his military service in the navy and he spotted her in a Pensacola restaurant while on shore leave.’
    • ‘But it was soon proved to be a minor infection and shore leave was resumed.’
    • ‘Sailors will still want cash for shore leave, but the navy can arrange for that to be made available by civilian contractors in ports to be visited.’
    • ‘How about a month of shore leave and a nice bath?’
    • ‘They're putting off having it until my shore leave.’