Definition of short haul in English:

short haul


  • A relatively short distance in terms of travel or the transport of goods.

    ‘it is only a short haul over the mountains to Los Angeles’
    • ‘short-haul routes’
    • ‘It also encompasses the short-haul European services run from the regional airports.’
    • ‘It has also reorganised its European short-haul routes in response to severe competition.’
    • ‘He said the 24 short-haul routes launched since January 2004 were profitable.’
    • ‘The fleet would comprise a large passenger jet, a smaller jet capable of travelling long distances and two short-haul aircraft.’
    • ‘He points out that road congestion is already hurting haulage and rail and shipping is now identified as a cheaper short-haul option for cargo.’
    • ‘Under the new rules, those having to wait longer than two hours for a short-haul flight and four hours for a long-haul one will be able to get their money back.’
    • ‘Over the next two months Aer Lingus will remove all booking restrictions on its short-haul routes to increase flexibility for passengers.’
    • ‘Then, it was announced that he had sold a half-stake in his Australian short-haul airline, Virgin Blue, for around £96m.’
    • ‘A managed to hitch a ride on a short-haul cargo plane full of sugar heading down to Barbados but couldn't stand the whole flight in such cramped, however sweet, conditions.’
    • ‘British Airways came first for business travel and international short-haul journeys, while Virgin Atlantic scored highest for long-haul trips.’
    • ‘In short-haul markets, ‘Southwest is generally able to charge slightly higher average fares,’ it says.’
    • ‘I knew very little about the place when I headed there in August, except that Britain's Guardian newspaper had voted it the number-one short-haul holiday destination for 2004.’
    • ‘South Korean flag carrier Korean Air said yesterday it may set up a low-cost carrier for short-distance international routes amid an expected raise in competition over short-haul travel within the region.’
    • ‘So why did we not just pull out of the short-haul market completely?’
    • ‘Many of the cuts will come on short-haul routes with high frequencies.’
    • ‘We should demand a massive expansion of environmentally-friendly rail transport and a savage reduction in short-haul air traffic, and no airport expansion anywhere in Europe.’
    • ‘Increasing the number of long-haul destinations would be a good idea because short-haul holidays are often bought at the last minute.’
    • ‘Some carriers depend on frequent short-haul flights which nobody wants to go on at the moment.’
    • ‘High speed rail links should be developed as an alternative to short-haul flights.’
    • ‘The dispute by controllers in France, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Hungary will affect short-haul flights and services that fly over those countries.’


short haul

/SHôrt hôl/ /ʃɔrt hɔl/