Definition of short-run in English:


Pronunciation /ˈSHôrtˌrən/ /ˈʃɔrtˌrən/


  • 1Taken or considered over a short time period; short-term.

    ‘the short-run impact appears to be positive’
    • ‘Proposals to increase dividends, if implemented, may reduce investor and hence management interest in short-run stock price fluctuations.’
    • ‘Increase in poverty in the short-run is a price that has to be paid for long-term economic growth.’
    • ‘Noticeably larger effects are only likely to be elicited under implausibly high values of the short-run trade price elasticity.’
    • ‘To distinguish between impacts that are due to a change in the one attribute and changes associated with multiple influences, it is common to differentiate between short-run and long-run impacts.’
    • ‘Perfect short-run marginal cost pricing in such a situation would have prohibitive administrative costs and might not achieve its aims because consumers would not have time to understand and react to the continually varying prices.’
    • ‘This analysis indicates the omission of substitutes does not significantly influence short-run price elasticity estimates, but results in significantly lower long-run estimates.’
    • ‘Nor were countries as vulnerable to short-run price fluctuations as had been thought; the critical issue was how to design mechanisms for smoothing the financial and fiscal impact of price fluctuations.’
    • ‘Bohi suggests that aggregated data tend to produce larger long-run price elasticities, whereas disaggregated data tend to produce slightly larger short-run price elasticities.’
    • ‘However, our research provides a measure of the short-run impact of Japanese macroeconomic variables on U.S. beef and hog prices.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, we feel that one cannot ignore short-run price effects that result from changes in import demand factors.’
    • ‘They found plausible short-run monetary policy impacts on interest rates, output, and price level.’
    • ‘Further, the short-run impacts of such a program need to be assessed.’
    • ‘A dominant firm that follows a predatory pricing strategy cuts price below rivals' average cost, even if this means short-run losses for itself as well, to drive rivals from the market.’
    • ‘Under the wage assumption outlined in subsection 3.1, the short-run movement in prices relative to wages is muted.’
    • ‘I've maintained in the past that even if that short-run effect takes place, democratization remains the proper long-term strategy.’
    • ‘Whatever one thinks about reducing personal income taxes on dividends, for example, this tax cut does nothing to stimulate short-run demand.’
    • ‘The short-run trend is towards more, not less, emissions.’
    • ‘This is about a short-run strategy and not about a long-run strategy.’
    • ‘To be sure, pressuring allied states will entail short-run sacrifices.’
    • ‘Where firms face limited information, Baumol has argued that firms will focus on sales revenue maximization as the short-run objective of their decision-making.’
    1. 1.1Printing Produced in or relating to a print run of relatively few copies.
      ‘For example, echoing King, he says short runs aren't profitable to do on large production machines, and so digital printing will probably spur short-run activity.’
      • ‘Alison Hardy, president of FabriCad Consulting, agrees with them that it is critical that digital printing becomes feasible for short-run work.’