Definition of shorts in English:


plural noun

  • 1Short trousers that reach only to the knees or thighs.

    ‘cycling shorts’
    • ‘I wiped my hand on the leg of my denim shorts and reached down to tug my backpack into the hut.’
    • ‘He wore black shorts that reached down to his knees and had a seashell necklace around his neck.’
    • ‘She pulled them off and tucked them into one of the thigh pockets of her shorts.’
    • ‘Michael was wearing black shorts that reached his knees, a grey t-shirt, and some rubber shoes.’
    • ‘You get everything including running shorts, cycling shorts, swimming suits and track suits.’
    • ‘Men in white-collar jobs sometimes even wear shorts, knee socks, white shirts, and ties to work.’
    • ‘He dressed up in his best white shorts and knee length socks and confronted the head of agriculture in French Polynesia.’
    • ‘He wore two or three silver chains around his neck, a dark coloured T-Shirt, and baggy shorts that reached his knees with tennis shoes.’
    • ‘During most of the year, boys wear shorts with knee socks.’
    • ‘He was wearing a cycling helmet, Lycra shorts and a sweaty t-shirt which read ‘The team that cycles together stays together.’’
    • ‘They were both dressed in cycling gear, shorts and jerseys.’
    • ‘The company's delivery drivers are already a familiar sight around Scotland in their uniforms of tartan trousers or tartan shorts, and occasionally kilts.’
    • ‘Heavy-duty conventional clothing such as jeans, drill trousers and drill shorts are not considered protective.’
    • ‘The boys looked smart in their uniforms of white shorts, khaki trousers and red sashes.’
    • ‘It can even be found in socks and cycling shorts.’
    • ‘We might have been grammar school boys, but we still wore shorts, with socks designed to reach the knees hanging loosely round the ankles.’
    • ‘I decided on my favorite pair of jean shorts and a blue tank top.’
    • ‘He has blue eyes, short dark hair and wore a black top and cycling shorts and carried a rucksack.’
    • ‘Men's volleyball uniforms consist of polo shirts and baggy shorts.’
    • ‘In order to look good, shorts should fall a little above the knees and fit nicely around your buttocks and legs.’
    1. 1.1North American Men's underpants.
      ‘After stripping off his shorts and undershirt, Adrian rinsed himself off and dried off hastily.’