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show off

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phrasal verb

  • 1show someone or something off, show off someone or somethingDisplay someone or something that is a source of pride.

    ‘her jeans were tight-fitting, showing off her compact figure’
    • ‘he still could not resist showing off his skill’
    • ‘Why not show it off to a wider audience and take pride in our achievements.’
    • ‘‘I'm beginning to feel like a monument,’ she says as yet another guide shows her off to a group of rather bemused Japanese tourists.’
    • ‘They took the triplets into school and Megan enjoyed showing them off to her pals.’
    • ‘Make sure it's clear that you're showing your bra off, rather than accidentally allowing an underwear item to show through.’
    • ‘I felt like showing my money off, spending it on things that would prove to others how rich and strong I am.’
    • ‘For the first time ever I have a flat tummy - and I can't stop showing it off.’
    • ‘But now it's the pride of our collection at Wythenshawe Hall and we look forward to showing it off when the hall re-opens to the public next Easter.’
    • ‘Whoever has taken it may be showing it off as a kind of trophy.’
    • ‘Look after your mobile phone by keeping it out of sight and don't wander down the street showing it off.’
    • ‘With all the excitable glee of a slightly gawky teenager, she waves the bouquet above her head, showing it off to the rest of us like a trophy, the years visibly slipping away.’
    • ‘If everything went according to plan, I'd be showing him off to all my college friends in Boston.’
    • ‘A display rack shows off plates and teapots to advantage.’
    • ‘It also shows off the considerable dramatic abilities of the National's principal dancers.’
    • ‘He tries to share with her all his achievements and shows off his accomplishments and acquisitions.’
    • ‘At the end of the week the children will show off their new skills with a display of their work.’
    • ‘Later, on the front porch, he shows off his skills at stabbing a pumpkin.’
    • ‘Afterwards everyone shows off their bruises like trophies.’
    • ‘Teresa, another resident, readily recounts her experience of childhood sexual abuse, and shows off her new hairstyle.’
    • ‘We'll find out on July 12 when my daughter shows off her skills on national television.’
    • ‘In what is essentially a string of anecdotes and one-liners, Waterhouse shows off his knowledge of Soho history and myth.’
    display, show to advantage, exhibit, demonstrate
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  • 2 informal Make a deliberate or pretentious display of one's abilities or accomplishments.

    • ‘he was showing off, trying to make a really big impression’
    • ‘She's worried about making friends and constantly makes up stories about herself and shows off to get attention.’
    • ‘The actress had every reason to be showing off, given that she has been awarded the Best Actress accolade.’
    • ‘Don't be afraid to show off, but don't include unnecessary details, either.’
    • ‘He was just dancing on the stage, showing off, and accidentally fell.’
    • ‘She never sounds like she's showing off, even when what she's doing is technically extraordinary.’
    behave affectedly, put on airs, put on an act, give oneself airs, boast, brag, crow, trumpet, gloat, glory, swagger around, swank, bluster, strut, strike an attitude, strike a pose, posture, attitudinize
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