Definition of show up in English:

show up

phrasal verb

  • 1Be conspicuous or clearly visible.

    • ‘The mounds at Heath Wood were highly visible, showing up black against the surrounding red-coloured soils.’
    • ‘He figured the sadness from his own heart would be showing up clearly in his own face.’
    • ‘Next to lakes and rivers, railways also showed up clearly; so did large roads.’
    • ‘Two other items that had not shown up from a distance were visible, an old comb and a cassette tape.’
    • ‘They are a light beige and the dirt shows up very clearly.’
    • ‘‘Traditional colours such as navy blue, dark grey or black remain popular, because dirt shows up more clearly on lighter-coloured school bags,’ he observes.’
    • ‘Maybe you've put lights on your bike or you wear clothes that show up in the dark?’
    • ‘We were asked to supply and fit markings for a fleet of vans which the client wanted to show up in the dark for various reasons.’
  • 2informal Arrive or turn up for an appointment or gathering.

    • ‘Sometimes you show up for an appointment and they've forgotten, or don't have the time.’
    • ‘He waits in a Montreal bar for a meeting with a Russian cosmonaut and painter, who never shows up.’
    • ‘She hits on a solution when Jane shows up at work distraught, followed soon by a concerned Vin.’
    • ‘That night, the boy shows up at the girl's parents' house and meets his girlfriend at the door.’
    • ‘His work there is done, he says, but he still shows up to use the desk and phone.’
    • ‘I think of the U.S. law that says a hospital has to treat anyone who shows up on its doorstep.’
    • ‘As Martin suspected, once word gets around a huge turnout shows up for the new play.’
    • ‘Jon's sister, who happens to be a labor and delivery nurse at another hospital, shows up.’
    • ‘He shows up for work, sits in his trailer until he's called, does his bit and goes home.’
    • ‘The guy who sits next to you shows up late, and he doesn't even get a verbal warning.’