Definition of shredder in English:



  • 1A machine or other device for shredding something.

    • ‘They now have a bigger incinerator and have invested in fine shredders.’
    • ‘On the basis that specialist equipment - bins, banks, balers, compactors, skips, shredders - and facilities are required, suppliers must have surety of payment.’
    • ‘The DVD / CD shredder is able to destroy data at a very fast rate - up to 30 DVD / CDs a minute.’
    • ‘A conveyor then drops the cheese down into the shredder where a set of knives spin at a high rate of speed to shred the product.’
    • ‘It consisted of a father and son who had a truck with a shredder on it.’
    • ‘The DVD / CD shredder is a no-brainer to use and requires no technical knowledge of any kind.’
    • ‘When a trucker whose RFID card grants him port access approaches the gate, the gate goes up, and the tire shredders stay down.’
    • ‘These tire shredders are incapable of shredding tires in excess of size 17 due to the diameter of the wire in the tire sidewall.’
    • ‘Urschel Laboratories Inc. designs and manufactures cheese shredders.’
    • ‘In general, all garden shredders have a high watt motor and come with silent crushing system.’
    1. 1.1A device for reducing documents to small unreadable strips.
      ‘most shredders can handle at least five sheets of paper at a time’
      • ‘A good tool for combating the crooks is a paper shredder.’
      • ‘The single greatest deterrent to identity theft is probably a paper shredder.’
      • ‘Safely disposing of any financially sensitive information took up too much time, especially after my shredder conked out.’
      • ‘"Your call," he says, as he shuffles my presentation closer to the shredder.’
      • ‘In my home office, I have a computer, photocopier, fax, shredder, cordless phone and scanner.’
      • ‘If you haven't already, make sure everybody in your organization has easy access to a decent crosscut shredder.’
      • ‘"You might as well throw these in your shredder," she said, digging some papers out of her brief case.’
      • ‘Ideally, use a shredder with a cross-cut action, as these turn paper into tiny pieces of confetti.’
      • ‘Has your company got a shredder?’
      • ‘Shredders are available for as little as £10.’
  • 2A musician who plays a very fast, intricate style of rock lead guitar.

    ‘the guitarists are skilled, but not the fastest shredders around’
    • ‘While too many shredders today rely on stock scales and mechanical articulation, Holt and Altus deliver a master class in how to make solos kick ass.’
    • ‘When Black Mountain evoke shredders of yesteryear such Blue Cheer and Led Zeppelin, their technique falls nearer to Galaxie 500 and the Velvet Underground, who forsook showmanship and dug deep in search of music's fundamental soul.’
    • ‘This CD gives you many of Vai's contributions to various film soundtracks, adding a greater depth and dimension to his musical scope rather than being just another guitar shredder.’
    • ‘The Swedish neo-classical guitar shredder has a new album out.’
    • ‘The performances on A Concept from Fire are technically flawless - but that is the bare minimum in an age where metal musicians practice constantly and shredders are commonplace.’
    • ‘An early example of 'shredding', but with a sense of melody that most shredders lack.’
    • ‘Along with a few shredder friends, I saw him perform at a local guitar shop.’
    • ‘The Massachusetts-based Cave In originated in the mid 1990s as a brutal, dynamic, metal-tinged hardcore band akin to influential shredders like Converge, Coalesce, and Botch.’
    • ‘In the blusterless world of modern indie rock, she's something of an anomaly: an honest-to-God shredder.’
    • ‘When the house lights go down this fall, a new generation of axe shredders, drummers and fearless frontmen will come together and rock.’
  • 3informal A snowboarder.

    • ‘During the season, Ski Acres had constructed a big air kicker as a way of enticing snow shredders to their slopes.’
    • ‘Upon arriving in Seattle we linked-up with snow shredders B.J. Kaiser and Tim Carlson.’
    • ‘His bro Kurt's a pro snow shredder.’
    • ‘It would be a private oasis, a white, fluffy heaven: Valhalla for the true shredders.’
    • ‘When not on the snow, this 16-year-old shredder can be found refining his skating style.’