Definition of shrinkflation in English:



mass nounBritish
  • Reduction in the size or weight of retail products, especially items of packaged food, with no corresponding reduction in the retail price.

    ‘the Bank of England warned UK consumers to prepare for shrinkflation’
    ‘chocolate lovers face smaller bars as shrinkflation takes hold’
    • ‘Few items have been spared from the effect of shrinkflation.’
    • ‘ The study into food shrinkflation found that companies risk losing customers as a result of the practice.’
    • ‘Eventually, the company may have to pass on higher costs to customers by shrinkflation.’
    • ‘ Shrinkflation is particularly common in the confectionary industry.’
    • ‘Over 2,500 products have fallen victim to shrinkflation.’
    • ‘She has noticed shrinkflation on numerous products at her local supermarket.’
    • ‘As well as obesity fears, the brands will have been hit by shrinkflation.’
    • ‘Regulatory intervention is needed to tackle shrinkflation.’
    • ‘Shrinkflation is almost the norm these days, but consumers are beginning to find it irritating.’
    • ‘Shoppers have been ­outraged by shrinkflation.’


Early 21st century blend of shrink and inflation.