Definition of Siberian in English:



  • Relating to Siberia or its people.

    ‘the Siberian plains near the Arctic Circle’
    • ‘The team used vehicles, skis, snowmobiles, and other means of conveyance to canvass the entire range of remote, frosty Siberian forests where tigers may be living.’
    • ‘The reserve provides food and safety to the migrant birds that pair and nest on Siberian tundra but spend winter in Britain.’
    • ‘The expedition now faced a long trek to the Siberian coast, with little hope even then of rescue.’


  • 1A native or inhabitant of Siberia.

    ‘a Soviet-era war memorial to Siberians’
    • ‘The 17-year-old Siberian won the opening set.’
    • ‘The ancient Siberian demonstrates genomic signatures that are basal to present-day western Eurasians and close to modern Native Americans.’
    • ‘The big Siberian waved the band T-shirt triumphantly in front of his friends.’
    • ‘The photographers I met there expressed great pride at being Siberians.’
    • ‘The Siberians crossed the land bridge with Alaska as early as 70,000 BC.’
  • 2A Siberian husky dog.

    ‘Siberians, though they shed a lot, generally have sleek coats’
    • ‘Siberians are natural escape artists.’
    • ‘I had the opportunity to have my two Siberians groomed recently.’
    • ‘I am very proud of my Siberians; they put their heart and soul into every race we attend and very rarely let me down.’
    • ‘"It's so great for them, because they're such a high-energy breed," Swan said earlier this month after Captain and another pair of Siberians had led him around the block.’
    • ‘Other than during coat-blowing season, the Siberian needs very little grooming.’