Definition of sibilate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsibəˌlāt/ /ˈsɪbəˌleɪt/

transitive verb

[with object]literary
  • Utter with a hissing sound.

    ‘two gentlemen turned round to me and sibilated the word “Poet”’
    with direct speech ‘“Do you think it's worthwhile,” sibilated Miss Miranda’
    • ‘He sibilated sharply and slammed Trey's iced coffee on the counter, stumbling back frantically.’
    • ‘Imagine a subtle chorus of voices, the ever present sibilating that accompanies any large crowd.’
    • ‘The needle, as it glides across the grooves, sibilates softly and crackles once or twice.’
    • ‘Vishal loved the way they sibilated the word.’
    • ‘‘Come here,’ the young man sibilates, but then he sits down next to her.’
    hum, drone, bumble, whir, fizz, fuzz, hiss, sing, murmur, whisper


Mid 17th century from Latin sibilat- ‘hissed, whistled’, from the verb sibilare.



/ˈsibəˌlāt/ /ˈsɪbəˌleɪt/