Definition of sick leave in English:

sick leave

Pronunciation /ˈsik ˌlēv/ /ˈsɪk ˌliv/


  • Leave of absence granted because of illness.

    ‘he took a week's sick leave’
    ‘she was on sick leave for two months’
    • ‘When PC Furness went on sick leave her absence on the streets prompted juvenile nuisance to increase on her beat.’
    • ‘Grocon wants greater control over rostered days off, sick leave, annual leave and working hours.’
    • ‘Most apparent in this regard is the absence of adequate sick leave, maternity provision, and child health care.’
    • ‘Other allowances like sick leave, parental leave or holiday pay provision barely exist.’
    • ‘You cannot make an employee use sick leave or vacation time for military leaves of absence.’
    • ‘As a temporary worker I was not entitled to holidays or sick leave.’
    • ‘Changes to the holiday and sick leave have been made as a preventative measure, said Mrs Roney.’
    • ‘Those in casual work continue to receive lower pay, no paid sick leave, annual leave or public holidays.’
    • ‘Mr Livesey has also asked Munchies to compensate him for lost wages because he took a day of sick leave due to his sudden illness.’
    • ‘All those things added on top of ordinary pay can mean that a person who is on sick leave or on holiday will get more than someone working.’
    • ‘The new provision to separate bereavement leave from sick leave also needs further investigation.’
    • ‘That means all too many women receive no paid sick leave or annual leave, and enjoy no job security beyond the next shift.’
    • ‘Teachers employed under contract do not receive holiday or sick leave and other basic entitlements.’
    • ‘As a result of this legislation, the average rate will be applied to all statutory holidays and all sick leave.’
    • ‘It also permits them to forego payment of sick leave and retirement, vacation and medical benefits.’
    • ‘It also has accounting codes for cost analysis and can track sick leave, annual leave and overtime.’
    • ‘The bill proposes separate entitlements for sick leave and bereavement leave.’
    • ‘The bill also separates out the confusion surrounding sick leave and bereavement leave.’
    • ‘While there is some protection for temporary workers, many do not have access to sick leave or holiday pay.’
    • ‘They will also be paid for the time on strike, vacation entitlements and sick leave.’


sick leave

/ˈsik ˌlēv/ /ˈsɪk ˌliv/