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  • 1Excessively or unpleasantly sweet.

    ‘sickly-sweet marshmallow’
    • ‘Please don't bring any more of that sickly-sweet pink fizz, even if it is six bottles for a tenner.’
    • ‘The sickly-sweet smell made her head spin.’
    • ‘Children that age seem to think that vegetables were sent to torment them and the only nice foods are brightly-coloured, sickly-sweet or deep-fried.’
    • ‘It does produce small black fruit favored by some birds, and, in early summer, barely visible racemes of white flowers with an overpowering, sickly-sweet scent.’
    • ‘It was fine until I lifted the bag, which then spilled its contents all over the floor and all over me in a slimy, sickly-sweet smelling deluge.’
    • ‘Her face was covered with a sickly-sweet smelling cloth and she drifted into unconsciousness.’
    • ‘The portion was small, the sauce bland and sickly-sweet, and the vegetables not fresh but either frozen or tinned.’
    • ‘The stench of the plume of smoke is sickly-sweet; everyone knows what it is but no one says so.’
    • ‘The vile odour is different from the sickly-sweet sugar beet smell that periodically wafts across the city from the plant.’
    • ‘The old building has been given over to student accommodation (think unmade beds, think unwashed plates, think mysterious sickly-sweet smoke).’
    • ‘I'd love to report on the puddings - sickly-sweet baklava is a favourite of mine - but I was simply too full to even contemplate another course.’
    • ‘The recipe for this super-rich, sickly-sweet treat of a pie is not available online but I can easily tell you how to make it and you can experiment.’
    • ‘The king prawns were big, succulent specimens, but the honey-and-ginger sauce was a sickly-sweet, gelatinous mess.’
    • ‘I have spent most of the evening drinking a sickly-sweet fluid that, if the bottle is to be believed, is 'Olde English Mead'.’
    • ‘She tasted of sickly-sweet bugglegum.’
    • ‘I would whip up huge batches of sickly-sweet chocolate crispies and flog them along with weak orange squash in paper cups for 15p each.’
    • ‘In the West Indies they make a really sickly sweet potato pudding.’
    • ‘We also ordered a side salad with a dressing which was almost sickly sweet.’
    • ‘I can't abide the sickly sweet flavour of parsnips.’
    • ‘I LOATHE the new-fangled, sickly sweet, vodka-based mixes with silly names that fill the fridges in trendy bars.’
    1. 1.1Excessively sentimental or mawkish.
      ‘a sickly-sweet teen road-trip movie’
      • ‘Depending on your viewpoint, this was either a ghastly, sickly-sweet, cheaply made sitcom of the worst kind, or a harmless slice of apple-pie America.’
      • ‘The tales mix magic with moments that are both funny and scary, steering clear of the sickly-sweet stories we have been fed for years.’
      • ‘I'm fine just churning out the same sickly-sweet, mass-produced pop albums year after year and collecting my fat paycheck.’
      • ‘This is a serious disappointment for those who wish to peer beyond the film's own intentionally sickly-sweet facade.’
      • ‘In my opinion he is an economic ignoramus and a political opportunist, all wrapped up in a sickly-sweet package designed to appeal to the worst kind of tabloid consumers.’
      • ‘"I believe Lydia has adopted her maiden name once again, since her husband is no longer with us," said Elizabeth with a sickly-sweet smile.’
      • ‘This is a refreshing antithesis to the sickly-sweet, tasteless chart pop currently dominating the Top-40.’
      • ‘It has gone down a storm with US critics, who have treated its hilarity like a breath of fresh air, amid the glut of sickly-sweet children's movies which traditionally pack out cinemas this time of the year.’
      • ‘She exudes a poetry and strength that never falls into the trap of sickly-sweet cliché.’
      • ‘It's mind-bendingly bland in a way only American mainstream music can be, shrink-wrapped in a sickly-sweet sheen of "feeling" yet lacking any heart or life or soul.’
      • ‘It was a local L. A. morning affair with two sickly-sweet, Barbie & Ken hosts.’
      • ‘I ended up giggling at the dreadful sickly-sweet quotes in a display of small 'Thoughts for your...' books.’
      • ‘Some may find it all too sickly-sweet, but close your eyes, lie back and wallow, and you will find it is a record of utterly seductive beauty.’
      • ‘The music the band played was as far removed from the sickly-sweet pap produced by Taiwan's contemporary pop icons as is possible.’
      • ‘They smile their sickly-sweet imported smiles as they welcome you or bid you goodbye and try to look and sound sincere.’
      • ‘The song is melodic enough but lacks the impetus of other tracks due to over production and sickly-sweet vocals.’
      • ‘The show offers a refreshing antidote to the sickly-sweet moral tales so often associated with children's TV and is all the better for it.’
      • ‘They tell us how sickly sweet we are together.’
      • ‘Even during rather tense scenes, the music was sickly sweet, laid on thick with little subtlety.’
      • ‘I found this novel to contain more bittersweet than sickly sweet parts.’
      banal, trite, hackneyed, commonplace, clichéd, predictable, stereotyped, platitudinous, inane, fatuous, vapid, jejune, weak, feeble, tired, stale, overworked, overused, well worn



/ˈsiklēswēt/ /ˈsɪkliswit/