Definition of sieve tube in English:

sieve tube


  • A series of sieve tube elements placed end to end to form a continuous tube.

    • ‘Resistivity dramatically increases at the end of each sieve tube when passing through the pores, and it is unlikely that this effect could be described by a simple equation for the pathway from source to sink compartments.’
    • ‘Other components, such as sieve tubes and parenchyma cells, are not efficient axial light conductors.’
    • ‘Inside the phloem, it seems to be a common feature that companion cells are the principal receivers of the translocated photosynthates from the shoot through sieve tubes.’
    • ‘The sap is well protected from herbivores by a thick layer of bark, and by an injury-induced response that releases proteins to prevent continued bleeding from injured sieve tubes.’
    • ‘In the beans, the needle-shaped protein complexes are situated in so-called sieve tubes, where they control the plant's flow of sugar-bearing fluid.’