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(also Sv)
  • The SI unit of dose equivalent (the biological effect of ionizing radiation), equal to an effective dose of a joule of energy per kilogram of recipient mass.

    ‘The potential for radiation to cause biological damage is called the dose equivalent, which is measured in rems or sieverts, where 1 sievert equals 100 rems.’
    • ‘All doses are expressed as dose equivalents in sieverts (Sv).’
    • ‘Radiation from a tiny particle of, say, plutonium is averaged over the entire body to give a dosage in units of (milli-) sieverts.’
    • ‘The unit of this weighted dose is the sievert, Sv, and it is termed the equivalent dose.’
    • ‘The International Commission on Radiological Protection recommends using a nominal risk coefficient of 5% per sievert, which is increased threefold to account for the higher radiosensitivity of infants.’



/ˈsēvərt/ /ˈsivərt/


1940s named after Rolf M. Sievert (1896–1966), Swedish physicist.