Definition of signal-to-noise ratio in English:

signal-to-noise ratio


  • 1The ratio of the strength of an electrical or other signal carrying information to that of interference, generally expressed in decibels.

    ‘Maintaining a high signal-to-noise ratio requires high-sensitivity position detectors and low-noise electronics.’
    • ‘The greatest challenge to the wavefront-coding system occurs when the object signal is very weak, resulting in a lower signal-to-noise ratio in the acquired image data.’
    • ‘Also, by decreasing the microphone gain, any clipping that might otherwise occur as a result of the user speaking more loudly is avoided and the signal-to-noise ratio is not thereby decreased.’
    • ‘A dual-feed antenna is installed at the customer premises to capture signals from separate paths and combine them to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio at any frequency.’
    • ‘When sounds are presented in a background noise, their audibility depends not only on the level of the signal, but also on the signal-to-noise ratio, the ratio of the level of the target signal to that of the background noise.’
    1. 1.1 informal A measure of how much useful information there is in a system, such as the internet, as a proportion of the entire contents.
      • ‘I'll go one further though, and say this about the practice: it's really damaging the signal-to-noise ratio of content I otherwise love.’
      • ‘The idea seemed interesting, but the signal-to-noise ratio was awfully low.’
      • ‘As we ponder what to do about the disinformation inundation, we must consider the fact that we are really dealing with the old broadcast engineering problem of signal-to-noise ratios.’
      • ‘The group as a whole has an incentive to keep the signal-to-noise ratio low and the conversation informative, even when contentious.’
      • ‘This makes it generally difficult to infer cause-and-effect relationships-the statistical signal-to-noise ratio is rather low.’


signal-to-noise ratio

/ˌsiɡn(ə)l tə ˈnoiz ˌrāSH(ē)ō/ /ˌsɪɡn(ə)l tə ˈnɔɪz ˌreɪʃ(i)oʊ/