Definition of simplicity in English:


Pronunciation /simˈplisədē/ /sɪmˈplɪsədi/

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  • 1The quality or condition of being easy to understand or do.

    ‘for the sake of simplicity, this chapter will concentrate on one theory’
    • ‘Surely, the other argument is that due to their simplicity, blogs are easier to customise and fit in with complex designs.’
    • ‘Their high energy and simplicity make them easy to absorb and enjoy, but also bring them to the brink of monotony.’
    • ‘The joy of opposition is its simplicity; Ukrainians understood what we opposed and stood side by side with us.’
    • ‘For simplicity's sake we could divide gun owners into two camps.’
    • ‘Let's pretend, for the sake of simplicity, that you only have two items in your portfolio.’
    • ‘For the sake of simplicity, criminals can be broken down into two categories here.’
    • ‘The effects at the population level, for the sake of simplicity, are assessed in arthropods.’
    • ‘That's an unending quest - to understand how the simplicity led to complexity.’
    • ‘Clarity, simplicity and effective communication are among the key qualities of his theory.’
    • ‘By sacrificing simplicity and clarity they can avoid responsibility and accountability.’
    • ‘Clarity, simplicity, honesty and trust are at the heart of what the business is going to be about.’
    • ‘Like all absolutist dogmas, this combination of axiom and corollaries appeals in its simplicity and directness.’
    • ‘The shortest of the books under review, it has the merits of concision, clarity, and simplicity.’
    • ‘They hunger for the riches of our faith presented with directness, simplicity, and truth.’
    • ‘There was a reason for this, and the reason was simplicity and accessibility.’
    • ‘For purposes of simplicity and coherence, we tell this story as a chronological account constructed in terms of our toolkit ideas.’
    • ‘Aim for clarity and simplicity when writing the final version.’
    • ‘This is a delightful and human film, one that uses its simplicity to cut straight to the heart.’
    • ‘Part, but by no means all, of the attractiveness of the assimilationist ideal is its clarity and simplicity.’
    • ‘Its very simplicity and directness has always made Islam a religion with great appeal.’
    clarity, clearness, plainness, simpleness, intelligibility, comprehensibility, understandability, lucidity, lucidness, coherence, directness, straightforwardness, accessibility
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    1. 1.1The quality or condition of being plain or natural.
      ‘the grandeur and simplicity of Roman architecture’
      • ‘We've tried to keep to some of the basic color scheme and, I hope, the relative simplicity of the design.’
      • ‘The final design emphasizes its simplicity, heavily relying on upstage lighting technique and set movement.’
      • ‘The current design stresses speed and simplicity but it's become very cluttered over the years.’
      • ‘I snapped a few images of Evan's crib because his parents marveled at its simplicity and design.’
      • ‘The judging panel was very impressed by the overall layout and simplicity of the design of their advert.’
      • ‘The store has an overriding accent on simplicity of design and ease of shopping for the customers.’
      • ‘On a micro level, simplicity in design presents the audience with only the most relevant information.’
      • ‘The obtained data are particularly convincing by virtue of the bioscope's simplicity in design.’
      • ‘Elegant simplicity in design and in the final product is what counts here.’
      • ‘There is no extraneous body cladding, in keeping with the Swedish design ethos of simplicity.’
      • ‘The simplicity of her designs here, the aura of unforced beauty truly took them to the next level.’
      • ‘The design was created for simplicity and ruggedness and the main structure was all metal.’
      • ‘The simplicity of the design allows for quick and easy set up anywhere around town where concrete exists.’
      • ‘That's why in today's modern interior design, simplicity is the key to an efficient design.’
      • ‘Refinement and sensibility as well as simplicity are still the best standards of web design!’
      • ‘I do love Ransom's drawings, for their simplicity of line and the purity of their excitement.’
      • ‘They range from lovely, understated elegance and simplicity to wild extravagance.’
      • ‘Google understands that simplicity is both sacred and central to its competitive advantage.’
      • ‘As with other fashion accessories, opt for simplicity when selecting your winter hat.’
      • ‘The sheer simplicity of this pair of sandals underscores the simplicity of the entire line.’
      plainness, absence of adornment, lack of adornment, absence of decoration, lack of decoration, absence of ornament, absence of ornamentation, lack of ornament, lack of ornamentation, absence of embellishment, lack of embellishment, unpretentiousness
      unpretentiousness, ordinariness, lack of sophistication, lack of affectation, naturalness, modesty, homeliness, wholesomeness, quietness
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    2. 1.2A thing that is plain, natural, or easy to understand.
      ‘the simplicities of pastoral living’
      • ‘All of which makes one nostalgic for the simplicities of the Second World War, when war correspondents on both sides were expected to be unquestioning patriots.’
      • ‘He has had a four-decade-long artistic career that spans a seismic shift in the character of New Zealand society: the shift from monolithic simplicities to multicultural complexity.’
      • ‘The responses of some are unsettling and go far beyond the simplicities of political satire.’
      • ‘Football, management, is about mastered simplicities, repeatedly choreographed and rehearsed, so that they become adroitly performed.’
      • ‘The world is too complex and dangerous for his pious simplicities.’
      • ‘For city-dwellers, rural Kerala (and Kerala is essentially rural, since the countryside envelops the towns in a seamless web) was a world of rustic simplicities and private inconveniences.’
      • ‘It was the standard ‘common sense’ of the ignorant unencumbered by rigorous analysis, yet there was often a nagging grain of truth in his half-baked simplicities.’
      • ‘Decisive during the simplicities of battle, without her he would forever be a waverer in the complexities of peace: more Hamlet, indeed, than Macbeth.’
      • ‘He kept waving him off, pouring the matter into legalistic simplicities that easily rounded the contract.’
      • ‘Many such analytical simplicities must change; particularly because they are predicated on Eurocentric assumptions.’
      • ‘He sounds those same simplicities of profound music Blake also knew.’
      • ‘We are more than consumers, and those other realities always undermine the simplicities of ‘consumerism’.’
      • ‘Once or twice I did worry that the enormous complexity of human affairs was being contrasted to the regular simplicities of nature and its cycles of life.’
      • ‘This accessible mini-biography rejects these simplicities and presents a much more rounded account.’
      • ‘Joshua found himself unable to alter his gaze upon this, one of the simplicities he undeniably loved.’
      • ‘Otherwise it will not have much work to do, because science is now beyond the wit of ordinary simplicities.’
      • ‘He could cut straight through the guff to the heart of sport's simplicities.’
      • ‘Lexical skills go well beyond the simplicities of printed words with white space on either side.’
      • ‘Computers make this complex architecture possible, obviating the simplicities of serial production.’
      • ‘Maeve grumbled about how these people didn't understand the fundamental simplicities of adding on.’
      straightforwardness, ease, easiness, simpleness, absence of complication, lack of complication, effortlessness, manageability
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    be simplicity itself
    • Be extremely easy.

      ‘putting data into a spreadsheet is simplicity itself’
      • ‘This superb recipe is simplicity itself but it is easier if you know that eight anchovy fillets constitute a 50g tin.’
      • ‘He scored three goals, all of which were simplicity itself, to take his tally for the season to nine and his presence will make his side a real force in the Conference this season.’
      • ‘Their goal came in the 43rd minute and it was simplicity itself.’
      • ‘Installation of all these cards was simplicity itself.’
      • ‘The design is simplicity itself - a single piece of moulded transparent plastic wraps around itself to form an innovative sort of chaise longue.’


Late Middle English from Old French simplicite or Latin simplicitas, from simplex (see simplex).