Definition of simurg in English:


Pronunciation /sēˈmərɡ/ /siˈmərɡ/


  • (in Persian mythology) a large mythical bird of great age, believed to have the power of reasoning and speech.

    ‘According to writers such as Kazvini in his Book of Strange Creatures and Ferideddin-i Attar in his Logic of Birds, the simurgs were thirty birds which perpetually sought one another.’
    • ‘He took away with him the two horses, and he took away the two tigers, and he took away the two hounds, and he took away the two simurgs, and with them be set out for another country.’
    • ‘How else did you expect me to find a tiny fairy named Tank in a story filled with simurgs, humanoid felines and orcs?’


From Persian sīmurġ, from Pahlavi sēn ‘eagle’ + murġ ‘bird’.