Definition of sin of omission in English:

sin of omission


  • A sinful failure to perform an action.

    ‘sins of omission more usually cause such problems’
    • ‘For secular Jews though, it is probably more meaningful to directly acknowledge political sins of omission and commission.’
    • ‘This part of the book, which overwhelms and depresses readers with the magnitude of ecclesiastical sins of omission and commission, is followed by a welcome section on rescuing and sheltering individuals and organizations.’
    • ‘After World War II, the German Protestant churches issued a statement of repentance for their sins of omission and commission during the Third Reich.’
    • ‘But while we are apologizing for past misdeeds, isn't it time to offer preemptive apologies for our current sins of omission and commission?’
    • ‘The example also presents several sins of omission.’
    • ‘Like most nice people, I specialize in sins of omission.’
    • ‘While evil men go from bad to worse, we can no longer even get away with sins of omission!’
    • ‘Call it missed historic opportunity or sin of omission.’
    • ‘Such manipulation of the media - whether sins of commission or sins of omission - needs to be guarded against.’
    • ‘Hence, most of the elite media's sins are now sins of omission - the stories never told.’