Definition of sin offering in English:

sin offering


  • (in traditional or ancient Judaism) an offering made as an atonement for sin.

    ‘Twice over in the law of the sin-offering, God said to Israel, ‘the sin-offering is most holy’.’
    • ‘There was a ram for a burnt offering, and two young goats for a sin-offering.’
    • ‘Maccoby contends that, where the sin-offering is concerned, the atonement relates more easily to the sin of the offerer, rather than the defilement of the altar.’
    • ‘Jacob cried aloud, putting both hands on the goat: ‘A sin-offering unto the Lord.’’
    sacrifice, oblation, burnt offering, peace offering, thank-offering, immolation, libation, first fruits, tribute, dedication


sin offering

/sin ˈôf(ə)riNG/ /sɪn ˈɔf(ə)rɪŋ/ /äf(ə)riNG/ /ɑf(ə)rɪŋ/