Definición de sine die en inglés

sine die


  • (with reference to business or proceedings that have been adjourned) with no appointed date for resumption.

    ‘the case was adjourned sine die’
    • ‘The Legislature of the State of New Jersey adjourned sine die at noon to-day.’
    • ‘The Texas Legislature adjourned sine die this afternoon, formally ending the 7th special session in two and a half years.’
    • ‘In the event of vetoes or crises, the Senate President shall be empowered to suspend sine die adjournment for a period up to one week for purposes of reconvening the Senate.’
    • ‘Parliament was adjourned sine die on a sombre note on Monday, four days ahead of the scheduled end of the monsoon session.’
    • ‘Parliament is likely to be adjourned sine die Thursday, according to reliable sources.’
    for an unspecified period, for an unspecified time, for an unlimited period, for an unlimited time, without a fixed limit


sine die

/ˌsinə ˈdēə/ /ˌsɪnə ˈdiə/ /ˌsēnā ˈdēā/ /ˌsineɪ ˈdieɪ/


Latin, literally ‘without a day’.