Definition of sinfonia concertante in English:

sinfonia concertante

Pronunciation /ˌsinfəˌnēə ˌkôn(t)SHərˈtänˌtā/ /ˌsɪnfəˌniə ˌkɔn(t)ʃərˈtɑnˌteɪ/


  • A piece of music for orchestra with more than one soloist, typically from the 18th century.

    ‘Accurately described by composer/critic Kaikosru Sorabji as more of a ‘sinfonia concertante than a concerto in its proper sense,’ this is how it was performed by both orchestra and pianist.’
    • ‘Again, according to Klöcker, these ten sinfonias concertantes are not intended to be representative of the genre.’


Italian, literally ‘harmonizing symphony’.