Definition of singsong in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsiNGˌsôNG/ /ˈsɪŋˌsɔŋ/

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  • (of a person's voice) having a repeated rising and falling rhythm.

    ‘the singsong voices of children reciting tables’
    • ‘‘I get to be a Dragon, I get to be a Dragon,’ she repeated in a sing-song voice, many times.’
    • ‘The interpreter turns to an obviously bored senseless Nic and repeats in a sing-song voice, ‘What do you like about Japan?’’
    • ‘Andrea began teasing in a lilting sing-song voice, ‘Brandon's got a girlfriend, Brandon's got a girlfriend!’’
    • ‘Sassy seems to be largely benevolent as most reports feature his lilting, sing-song voice drifting through the swamp.’
    • ‘The man grinned, then reached out, gently touching Lexa's shoulders with both hands, and murmured, in a sing-song voice.’
    • ‘Joan heard him yell back in a sing-song voice from the car.’
    • ‘‘Oh Maddie,’ James said in a sing-song voice, ‘Would you come in here?’’
    • ‘‘Come on, come on, come on,’ she whispered in a little sing-song voice, ‘come on, come on, come on.’’
    • ‘‘I had a dream,’ said Logan in his sing-song voice.’
    • ‘‘I told you it would work,’ a sing-song voice teased.’
    • ‘‘Eveeeeeee,’ came the sing-song voice of my housemate, Mandy.’
    • ‘‘I love being in love,’ she proclaimed in a sing-song voice.’
    • ‘‘I did it, Dion,’ Chris said in deadly calm, almost sing-song voice.’
    • ‘I perfected the sing-song voice.’
    • ‘‘There is no right and wrong,’ Martha reasoned with a sing-song voice.’
    • ‘‘If you say so,’ Breanna said in a sing-song voice, telling me that she believed none of the words I just said.’
    • ‘Why doesn't she learn not to lecture with that sing-song voice?’
    • ‘‘Looks like someone didn't get the memo,’ says the chief in a sing-song voice.’
    • ‘Hardly a day goes by without me hearing her yammering away in her high-pitched whiny sing-song voice, making somebody's life miserable.’
    • ‘Lucky didn't like this child and taunted him by saying ‘hahaha, your Dad's dead and mine's not, your dad's dead and mine's not’ in that sing-song way you all know so well.’
    chanting, chantlike


  • 1British informal An informal gathering for singing.

    • ‘he used to play the piano and have a singsong with his pals’
    • ‘It was rooted in the parlour musicales, the outdoor sing-songs, the marching bands, the hymns stoutly sung in church, and other impressions of his boyhood.’
    • ‘As we grow older, we all become nostalgic for the past and Mrs Manning spoke of schooldays, family sing-songs, church concerts and so on.’
    • ‘In addition to doing school studies, the students can take part in dances, film shows, concerts, sing-songs, debates and quizzes.’
    • ‘There were no chants and no sing-songs heralding his arrival.’
    • ‘They developed from a variety of sources - from the music and acrobatics offered at pleasure gardens like Vauxhall and Ranelagh and from sing-songs at local taverns.’
  • 2in singular A singsong way of speaking.

    ‘she was speaking gently in her soft Irish singsong’
    • ‘When dinner's ready I sashay into the lounge room and announce in a loud sing-song, ‘Comestibles!’’
    • ‘Eventually, she starts rambling in a dazed sing-song about fat women walking up a hill and thin women walking down.’
    • ‘There's some vague taste of that childhood sing-song, ‘I know what you did’ in his tone and his gaze.’
    • ‘He started talking on his two-way radio with at least two other drivers in a fast, repetitive, sing-song.’

intransitive verbsingsongs, singsonging, singsonged

[no object]
  • Speak or recite something in a singsong manner.

    ‘the kids started singsonging’
    • ‘“Blessed be” singsonged Kruger’
    • ‘As if campaigning before the local Democratic Ladies' Club lunch, he sing-songed back, ‘There will be plenty of time to discuss all of those issues, about why, and how, and what, and if.’’
    • ‘My mother sat beside his bed, sing-songing to him with her sad flowery Kermanshahi accent, ‘Did you see what happened to us, my little brother, my little beloved?’’
    • ‘’I loathe him’, she sing-songed as the waiter walked away.’
    • ‘‘This swing is saved ’, Allison sing-songed at Christy.’
    • ‘‘Don't worry, Beth, I won't tell a soul about your love for Celia’ he sing-songed.’
    • ‘‘We have fresh, homemade soup,’ he sing-songed.’
    • ‘‘Spit-spot, spit-spot,’ she sing-songed around the room.’
    • ‘‘He has mean eyes and a mean face and his shoes are shiny black,’ Abby sing-songed, closing her eyes as she spoke.’
    • ‘Lobo cursed as walkers in the shadows sing-songed back.’
    • ‘‘You like him, you like him, you really, really like him,’ she sing-songed, avoiding my eyes.’
    • ‘‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,’ Andy sing-songed.’
    • ‘‘I'm going to Europe, I'm going to Europe, I'm going to Europe’ she sing-songed, bopping about.’
    • ‘‘You're lying’, something inside her head sing-songed.’
    • ‘Davey sing-songed, holding onto my hand and swinging it.’
    • ‘Janey sing-songed, elbowing me in hopes of a happier response.’
    • ‘He sing-songed just loud enough so it would be picked up by the phone.’
    • ‘There was no disguising the crinkle of plastic wrapping paper or that little-girl voice sing-songing, ‘Now my Fuzzy Wuzzy will grow hair.’’
    • ‘His voice sing-songed as dripping wax flowed over capsules containing various types of dangerous apparatuses.’
    • ‘‘I read radical statements and he sing-songs,’ Benn says, by way of explanation.’
    • ‘‘Jamaican is the nearest we have to Old English, man,’ he sing-songs.’