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Sinn Fein

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proper noun

  • A political movement and party seeking a united republican Ireland.

    Founded in 1905, Sinn Fein became increasingly committed to Republicanism after the failure of the Home Rule movement. Having won a majority of Irish seats in the 1918 general election, its members refused to go to Westminster and set up their own parliament in Ireland in 1919. After a split in the 1920s, when many of its members joined Fianna Fáil, the party began to function as the political wing of the IRA. It now sends representatives to the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Irish Dáil; Sinn Fein MPs elected to the British House of Commons do not take up their seats


Sinn Fein

/ˌSHin ˈfān/ /ˌʃɪn ˈfeɪn/


From Irish sinn féin ‘we ourselves’.