Definition of sinuosity in English:


nounplural noun sinuosities

  • 1The ability to curve or bend easily and flexibly.

    ‘The shape and sinuosity of meanders is influenced by the erodibility of the materials of the banks and by the slope or energy of the river.’
    • ‘Morphological comparisons between The canal and valley and channel landforms show many broad similarities in planform, sinuosity, lengths, widths and variability along length.’
    • ‘The distinct double sinuosity of the anterior margin of the left anterior auricle of the new species was not observed by Professor Silkin’
    • ‘The company's style is contemporary Spanish dance, rather than pure flamenco - full of jazzy sinuosity, syncopation and angles.’
    • ‘Finally, Millepied, while brilliant in many places, simply misses the point of the third sailor's rhumba reducing it to mechanical sinuosity, and not at all sexy.’
    • ‘The valleys have low sinuosity and a maximum vertical relief of 200 m.’
    • ‘The depth and sinuosity of sandstone deposits reveal the original dimensions and course of ancient river channels.’
    • ‘Evidence of sinuosity in the channels is provided by meander cut-offs occasionally seen in plan view on wave-cut platforms.’
    • ‘The low mountain front sinuosity suggests that the entire length of the northern front is marked by a major fault.’
    twist, turn, coil, spiral, twirl, curl, helix, whorl, loop, curlicue, kink, sinuosity
    1. 1.1A bend, especially in a stream or road.



/ˌsinyəˈwäsədē/ /ˌsɪnjəˈwɑsədi/


Late 16th century from French sinuosité or medieval Latin sinuositas, from sinuosus (see sinuous).