Definition of sinuously in English:



See sinuous

‘Some of the girls moved sinuously and gracefully, others, clearly bored, kicked their clothes in the air and caught them nonchalantly as they snapped gum.’
  • ‘Potted miniature palms and gilded accents adorned the sinuously curving handrails, just beckoning for a slide down.’
  • ‘At one side, a concrete wall curves sinuously away, like the torso of a sleeping woman.’
  • ‘Rather than cut into the hills, roads curved around them, sometimes twisting so sinuously, in so confusing a manner, only a native could find the way out.’
  • ‘The body of a whale is relatively stiff, and so the animal cannot curve sinuously into a turn the way a swimming seal can.’



/ˈsinyəwəslē/ /ˈsɪnjəwəsli/